Mac PC Compatible 5 Inch Color Screen LCD Video Business Cards

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Video Business cards with HD Color screen display and good quality clear volume;Mainly used for company,products,serivces...etc, promotional,advertising, to attract consumers eyes and Stimulate their purchasing desire. 

Video business card is high-end populaer business promotional gifts.




Q: What is Video business cards used for?

A: Video cards used for company history/story introduction; Advertising,Invitation,Guiding,Gifts,Special Events display,personal introdution...etc.

Q: What size size we provide for LCD Video cards?

And what kinds of cards size we will provide?

A: Video brochures card screen size: 2.4'',2.8'',4.3'',5'',7'', 10.1'' Colof TFT Screen,and HD screen,Touch screen;

Video paper Card standard size: 90*52mm, 127*175mm,145*210mm,190*240mm,210*240mm,240*190mm...etc;

Q. What kinds of video card we can provide?

A: Standard video cards,Video card with box, video card with booklet,video counter displays,Video books,Video cards with pop up dolls,Video shelves...etc.


Q. What production steps of video greeting cards?


11 (1).jpg

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