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Which technology is applied to the voice prompter?

- Apr 11, 2018 -

From the current and the entire information society development trend, there will be more and more high-tech applications that will be applied to voice prompts. The professional voice prompter now used involves various technologies such as speech synthesis technology, ultrasonic technology, and infrared detection technology, making the voice prompter function even more powerful. Here's to introduce the application of specific technologies.

First, ultrasonic technology

Ultrasonic technology is one of the common technologies that all industries and industries must meet based on physics, electronics, mechanics, and materials science. The voice prompter makes good use of ultrasonic technology. Ultrasound is a type of mechanical vibration. It is usually propagated in the elastic medium in the form of longitudinal waves. It is a form of transmission of energy and momentum. Applying ultrasonic technology to the voice prompter can improve the sensitivity of the reminder and improve the product. The use of performance.

Second, infrared detection technology

The infrared detection technology has the characteristics of good environmental adaptability, good concealment, strong anti-interference ability, can identify the camouflage target to a certain extent, and the device is small in size, light in weight and low in power consumption, and the night observation is the main application of the voice prompter. . Like many household anti-theft linguistic prompters, they can detect the surrounding environment at night and detect people entering the detection area, providing a basis for burglar alarms.

Third, speech synthesis technology

As far as the speech synthesis is concerned, it has already achieved practical application in many aspects of the language prompter and has played a great role in society, for example, automatic reporting on buses, automatic timing of various occasions, automatic alarms, and mobile phones. Query services and voice prompts in various text proofreaders. Speech synthesis technology is the text information generated by the voice prompter or externally input, and is converted into a voice signal according to a voice processing rule, so as to achieve the purpose of voice prompting

The technology involved in the voice prompter is not only the above-mentioned three kinds, but with the continuous development of information technology, the technologies that can be applied will become more and more. More and more high-tech applications are used in voice prompts, and the first-rate voice prompter products will only become more available, thus providing people with better voice prompt services.

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