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Where to buy Multi-button recording wall chart for kids education?

- Apr 17, 2018 -

ZXS owm private mode about recording sound wall chart,If know more, welcome to contact zxs:

Contact: Lola

Email: lola@zxs1688.com

Add: Shenzhen, China.

Multi-button recording sound wall chart feature:

  1. Wall chart with recording box,with 30 recording buttons;

  2. wall charts with pocket, can insert pictures

  3. Sound wall charts with power support ,AAA battery*3pcs,replacement battery;

How to use this zxs multi buttons recordable wall chart:

  1. Install AAA Battery;

  2. Use screws fixed on the wall

  3. Insert pictures and drawing into the pocket

  4. According to the pictures to create relative recording sound

  5. Support repeat recording still you wish;

  6. After recording,can press the button to play sound for learning and teaching.


When not using,please take aways battery.


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