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Where does the human body sensing voice prompter apply?

- Apr 11, 2018 -

In recent years, the human body induction technology has made remarkable progress, and gradually moved from the laboratory to the market. In short, the industry has ushered in a very rapid development, especially the human body sensing voice prompter has played quite a lot in many places. The important role.

1. Bank

Specializing in the production of body induction voice prompts manufacturers, it can be used for bank ATM ATMs to prevent fraud, burglar grab warm voice prompts. According to statistics from big data, since 2015, human-induced voice prompts have begun to increase substantially by about 3% each year.

2. Community

The human body sensing voice prompter can be used for community security, home alarm voice prompts, can be installed in the home alarm alarm mode, regardless of day and night, through infrared detection, and send an alarm sound, in order to play scare Thief's good effect.

3, organizational units

The human body sensing voice prompter can be used in government units, company conference rooms, organizations, offices, and the like, and is used to provide a welcome voice prompt. The voice prompter also has a built-in live voice mode. When someone passes through, it will sound a live voice prompt and will never neglect the guests.

4, workshop

The domestic professional body-sensing voice prompter can be used as a safe voice prompt in the production workshop and construction area to remind the relevant personnel to pay attention to the safety precaution area. When it is detected that someone enters the area, it will automatically sense and broadcast the voice information.

5, shopping mall

The human body sensing voice prompter can be used for voice welcome tips, warm tips, welcome tips, door reminders, promotional voice prompts, etc. in commercial areas, shopping malls, convenience stores and other places. It is especially suitable for use by one person when looking at the store. When the line of sight leaves the door, when the sound is heard, it can be known that the guest has entered and is ready to meet in time.

The above is related to the application of human body sensing voice prompts, we can briefly understand. The device integrates alarm, voice prompts, anti-theft, advertising and other features, such high-tech voice prompters have been widely used in major shops, shopping malls, companies, residential and other places, the function is very powerful, it is worth the majority of consumers To understand.

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