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What are the applications of voice prompter?

- Apr 11, 2018 -

The professional voice prompter is a speaker composed of voice module, control circuit, speaker, power supply and shell structure. It can be used to broadcast product information, safety information statement, doorbell music or siren tool, in information. It is widely used in communication. The voice prompter can be used in the following situations.

First, shop sensor doorbell

The voice prompter has built-in real-time voice and music features that can be installed at the entrance to the store. Some people will be automatically prompted by infrared detection when entering or exiting. The voice prompter can prompt you to enter the store and prepare for the meeting. It is especially suitable for use by one person when looking at the store. When the line of sight leaves the door, prompting the sound can promptly know that the guest has entered and is ready to meet.

Second, supermarket welcome device

As a welcome device, the voice prompter has a built-in live voice mode, and switches to live voice mode. When someone passes or the guest enters or exits, it will ring "Hello! Welcome!", "Please walk slowly, welcome to visit us next time!" Such real-time voice prompts can greatly increase staff's responsibilities for work while they are busy.

Third, home alarm reminder

The voice prompt mode is loaded into the voice prompter, which can be installed at home and function as an anti-theft alarm. Voice prompts work day and night, can detect thieves within a certain range by infrared, and thus send high-pitched alarm sounds, scare off thieves.

Fourth, ATM machine warm voice prompts

The intelligent voice prompter can be installed on the ATM machine. When someone deposits or withdraws money, he or she will give a warm reminder to remind the user to pay attention to the surrounding environment, ensure safety, and greatly increase people's safety awareness.

In addition to the above four applications, the voice prompter can also be used in high voltage areas of the power system, military control, public security alert areas, voice prompts, science and technology museums, exhibition guides to guide voice prompts, anti-theft voice prompts, workshops, escalators , schools, hospitals, construction work areas, safe voice prompts and other places that require voice prompts. The first-rate voice prompter is fully capable of working on these occasions and provides voice reminding service.

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