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The mainstream Bluetooth speaker program selection instructions

- Apr 22, 2018 -

The mainstream Bluetooth speaker program selection instructions

With the blooming of Bluetooth speakers, the selection of Bluetooth solutions is also a headache for many manufacturers. Here I mainly introduce the existing mainstream solutions. How are they each positioned? What are the characteristics of the solutions? Some conduct comparative analysis.

The Bluetooth technology is also making continuous progress. Currently, the mainstream solutions in the market are all around the following versions.

1.2.1+EDR: The low-end solution of this major user, but the compatibility is excellent, and it is also the oldest version of Bluetooth 2.3.1: This basic has already been eliminated, because he is not low cost, power consumption is not low

3,4.0: This is currently the mainstream of the market, positioning in high-end products, such as: CSR program, Chuang Jie, etc.

4, 4.1: This is also the mainstream of the current market, positioning in high-end products, such as: TI, Zhongxingwei, Luoda

1, CSR program: This is an old brand of the program, the market share is highest, but also the most popular and recognized markets such as Europe and the United States. The disadvantage is that the price is high, and if a small company wants to do it, the general supplier is not willing to cooperate because the functional modification and customization of this product is more troublesome.

2, TI this program is not much to do on the market, this millet's Bluetooth speaker used this, but also only large customers, small customer service but

3, Actions program in Zhuhai, as the old brand of domestic programs, it does also give a lot of domestic long face, the product's performance and sound quality is also good, the disadvantage is that the planners more cattle, small customers with enough. No strength does not dare to look for them. 4. The two programs of China Star Micro and Lotoda are also acceptable, but their flexibility is lacking.

5. Jianrong and Jerry, these two programs, I personally strongly recommend, why do you say that, because these two chips are indeed our domestic pride, because of their existence, CSR, TI and other Niubi big The company is able to keep reducing prices. In addition, the advantages of these two programs are also obvious, with low cost and stable performance. But it is the power consumption that can't be done down, but for the occasion such as bluetooth speaker, actually the question is not big. As our developers, the more favorite is actually such a scheme

6. Ankai and Broadcom: There is nothing to say about these two companies. They are cheap. However, in the actual contact, the chip itself has a lot of software bugs and it is very painful to develop.

Scheme selection description

1. As a long-term living in this field, standing on the perspective of a technology development, I still recommend the Bluetooth solutions of “Jianrong” and “Jerry”, because of their high cost performance and flexible development, which can be customized for customers. The desired function, this is the biggest advantage. Because we are pushing the Jerry program, it is well received by the market.

3, Jerry's Bluetooth speaker program, in the market is still relatively advantageous, the specific advantages are as follows (1), only need a chip to complete the Bluetooth function, that chip internal package RF + MCU + FM (2 ) At the same time, the software implements the function of reading card reading U disk, is the best choice for card Bluetooth speaker (3), mass production and convenient, no need to burn the rolling address code for the second time, no calibration frequency (4) , The program's low cost, greatly enhance the competitiveness of the product

(5), the production of molding machines, without having to open the shell modification program, you can directly U disk or TF card upgrade procedures, very convenient and use.

to sum up

Although the market is large and the demand is large, in actual products, we often first ask where the customer's market positioning is, because only if your product market is accurate, can you choose the right solution. It is not possible to position your product at the high end and sell it to Europe and the United States. You also use low-end solutions. It is also not possible to sell your product at the low end to Southeast Asia and choose a high-end solution, so this is very important, and it is also the first point in our communication with customers.

At the same time, we must also consider whether or not our products are functionally differentiated. If so, we cannot choose the kind of high-end solutions. Why? Because such programs as CSR, Chuangjie, and TI have too few functions that can be developed. If you want to flexibly customize many functions, selecting a type of solution is not appropriate. Others may promise to do it, but actually do. The time tends to get stuck in some places, causing the project to lag behind

Therefore, customers with needs, please be sure to locate their own products, as well as their own product planning, and then find a suitable, and sincere cooperation with the manufacturers, so as to ensure that the product can go smoothly

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