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The difference between subwoofer Bluetooth speakers and general speakers

- Apr 22, 2018 -

The difference between subwoofer Bluetooth speakers and general speakers

In the past two years, many subwoofer headphones have appeared on the market, and many people have attached great importance to listening to music. And now, we don't like to wear headphones. We hope to have a Bluetooth subwoofer with good bass quality in the office area or at home. We hope it will bring us different and ultimate feelings that will enable us to work in the office. Or when you are relaxed, you can have a relaxed and comfortable state. The

Replaying the bass is actually a very tricky thing. It adds a lot of trouble to the speaker designers and audiophiles. But this is also a challenge, and the potential rewards fully demonstrate that it is worthwhile to work hard to improve bass playback. The

The subwoofer Bluetooth speaker can use the DSP independent frequency division system to distinguish various audios. It is a particularly characteristic sound. Once you hear it, you will never forget it. The overall tuning direction can be said to be the best you can to please the public. Consumer perception of listening.

In every room, whether it is a concert hall or an ordinary family living room, there is a standing wave phenomenon, which is the main source of bass reproduction problems. The standing wave frequency is closely related to the size of the room. In a concert hall with a large interior space, the standing wave frequency occurs in the lowest subwoofer and infrasound zones, and is lower than the lowest frequency of bass instruments, so it does not adversely affect the bass playback. The


The deep dive and deep harmonics are the kind of boxing and meaty feeling that the common saying goes. The shape of low frequency knocking can even be clearly communicated to your eyes. IF there is a good separation between musical instruments and vocals. Degrees, large-scale musical instruments that are called to various musical instruments can clearly describe the performance of each part and show enough details; while in high-frequency terms, one word can be used to summarize “bright” and rich low-frequency. It is still clear and undisturbed in the surroundings.

Place the subwoofer at the corner of the wall. This approach helps to avoid acoustic reflections in the room, making the replayed sound clearer and more vivid. But at this time, the indoor mode gets a stronger incentive and the bass response will not be flat enough. Since the subwoofer is farthest from the listening position in the entire system, the bass sound heard will be slightly delayed from the main speaker sound. When placed, the subwoofer should be at least 10cm away from the wall. The

The general speaker is just a speaker that plays music. Some of the sound quality is bad, and there are even noises. This is why the subwoofer Bluetooth speakers are getting better and better. The

The sound quality of a speaker often influences our love for a song, and a good subwoofer Bluetooth speaker can give us a real sense of hearing improvement, especially when playing a rhythmic music type, MONPOS Xin Bao as insisted that "the essence of the sound is to restore the true sound" to bring people a perfect life to enjoy, anytime, anywhere "ring" what you think.

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