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Smart Bluetooth technology introduction

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Smart Bluetooth technology introduction

"Bluetooth" technology was created by five world-famous companies - Ericsson, Nokia, Toshiba, IBM, and Intel, in 1998. 5 The joint announcement of a new wireless communication technology.

Bluetooth system composition

The Bluetooth system is generally composed of the following four functional units:

* Antenna unit

* Link control (firmware) unit

* Link Management (Software) Unit

* Bluetooth software (protocol) unit


Bluetooth technology

"Bluetooth" was originally the name of the Danish Emperor HnddII in the Middle Ages of Europe. He has made immortal contributions to the unification of Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Sweden's Ericsson company has made its name for this wireless technology, which is about to become the world's most common.


Bluetooth technology is an open global specification for wireless data and voice communications. It is based on a low-cost, short-range wireless connection and establishes a specially connected short-range radio technology for fixed and mobile device communication environments. Its substance is to establish a common radio air interface and its open standards for control software, so that the communication and the computer can be further integrated so that portable devices produced by different manufacturers can be connected to each other without wires or cables. Can have interoperability in the close range, interoperability. The program is written in a 9mm x 9mm microchip.


The role of "Bluetooth" technology is to simplify the communication between small network devices (such as mobile PCs, PDAs, and cell phones) and between these devices and the Internet, eliminating the need for cordless phones or mobile phones, modems, headsets, and PDAs. Install wires, cables, and connectors between computers, printers, slide projectors, and local area networks. Moreover, this technology can be extended to completely different new devices and new applications. For example, if Bluetooth technology is introduced into mobile phones and laptops, the annoying connection cable between the mobile phone and the laptop can be eliminated to establish communication over the air. Printers, PDAs, desktop computers, fax machines, keyboards, joysticks, and all other digital devices can be part of the Bluetooth system. In addition, Bluetooth wireless technology also provides a universal interface for existing digital networks and peripherals to form a group of personal special connected devices far from the fixed network.


"Bluetooth" technology radio transceivers can be linked up to 30 feet, are not limited to a straight line, and even devices can not be linked to each other in the same room; and can link multiple devices, up to 7 You can link devices around your users to form a "Personal area network."

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