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How to identify the sound quality of Bluetooth speakers

- Apr 22, 2018 -

How to identify the sound quality of Bluetooth speakers

The term "sound quality" is generally interpreted in general terms as the quality of sound. However, in audio technology it contains three aspects:

1, the pitch of the sound, that is, the intensity and amplitude of the audio;

2. The pitch of the sound, ie the frequency of the audio or the number of changes per second;

3, the sound of the sound, the audio harmonics or harmonic components.

Judging the sound quality of an audio product is mainly to measure whether the above three aspects of the sound have reached a certain level. Taiwan's famous audio master Liu Hansheng once wrote to an entry-level fancier an article entitled “Listening to the ears, what is good?”. Through his own 20+ years of experience in “numerous machines”, he pointed out that although everyone’s Listening tastes will be very different, but as long as you have mastered the following “three mistakes and three pairs” of the six-character code, you can purchase the sound exactly according to your own listening experience, without having to care about other people's miscellaneous suggestions. The


First, the voice is sharp is wrong

Will the sound of the violin sound harsh and harsh? Whether or not you have any experience of playing the violin, I'll tell you—it will not. If you don’t believe it, you can go to the restaurants in the restaurant and listen to the violins, pianos, and cellos that are often there to see if they will be harsh. I promise not. Will the vocals be harsh? No! But why does the store release the soprano or tenor and it feels like tearing the ears? That's distorted! How can the human voice be so thick and beautiful? How could it be harsh? Don't worry about what others say, as long as the vocals will be harsh. The vocals and violins can't be harsh, and other cellos, flute, wood tube brass, etc. will be harsh? Of course not! So, you have to say out loud and confidently: Right or wrong, they are too harsh!

Second, the sound is shrinking is wrong

"Shrinking" can be used in the southern Fujian dialect. In other words, the sound cannot be released, and it is always crowded together. It is not open enough. These are the performance of the shrinking voice. If you go to the concert hall to listen to the concert, the voice of the orchestra will not be heard in the stage. Isn't this concert hall design right? Of course not! The same reason, the speakers and the function of the amplifier are to send music to the concert hall. Every corner of the room. If the sound you hear is shrunk in the horn, or if the sound is always squeezed in the two horns, there is no doubt that there must be a problem. The sound of problems certainly does not buy. The

Third, as long as the sound is wrong

Have you ever heard anyone playing music that is dead or invigorating? If there were such a musician or band, there would not be a record company that would invite them to record. The music that can be played by someone who can record must be full of energy and full of life. Whether he is playing a slow board or they are whispering in an ensemble, the music must be full of strength and tension. There must be active pulsations in the music rather than lifelessness. If the sounds you hear have been lively and unreliable, then such sounds must not be bought. They must be where the problems are. You have the power to buy audio equipment that is full of living sound and sounds comfortable. As for why the sound is going to die? You don't have to worry about this. It's good to leave these questions to the store for research. The

Fourth, as long as the sound is sweet

Is the sound sweet as sweet as red bean soup or mung bean soup? Is it as sweet as ice cream? Of course not! The so-called sweet-sounding string refers to the kind of glossy water that sounds like water! To be sweet, if the voice you hear is astringent and dry, then it is wrong. In fact, the voice is the same. If it sounds like a broken one, it should never be bought. The


Fifth, as long as the sound is full

The thin sound means that there is not enough sense in the mid-range and low-band to lose balance. It's like a thin bamboo basket. This is wrong. The real good voice should be full and full of energy. Whether it is mid-frequency or low-frequency should be full and full, rather than empty and thin. If the sound is thin, it means that the sound is very thin and you cannot hear much detail or overtones. In short, regardless of the instrument, the voice they make must be as healthy as a person who is fully fed (not the kind of brain-filled man, of course).


6, as long as the sound is loose

The tight voice will make people feel nervous for a long time. The loose voice can let people relax for a long time. The real good voice should be soft and soft. Please note that what I call loose is not porous, loose like a sponge. It's like a spring that will spring up and down. If the sound is hard and inelastic or loose, it is not right. The

As long as you can remember the three mistakes I have mentioned above, you can tell yourself with confidence that no matter where you go, you can tell yourself with confidence that such a voice is wrong and I want to choose something else. In this way, you don't have to go to an expert and you don't have to envy someone else's golden ears. In fact, you are the expert who uses the performance of the music as the basis and listen to the ear.

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