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Bluetooth 4.1 technology analysis

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Bluetooth 4.1 technology analysis

Faster transfer rate

Supports "One more connection": In Bluetooth 4.1 technology, the device is allowed to act as both "Bluetooth Smart" and "Bluetooth Smart Ready", which means that the user can connect multiple devices to a Bluetooth device

Support for IPv6: The problem of the wearable device being difficult to access online can also be solved through Bluetooth 4.1, because the new standard adds support for IPv6 dedicated channel connections.

Simplify device connections: The connection and reconnection between devices have been significantly modified to provide manufacturers with more design rights when designing, including setting up frequency bands to create or maintain Bluetooth connections, thereby increasing the flexibility of Bluetooth device connectivity.

Reduce interference with LTE networks: Once Bluetooth 4.1 and LTE networks transmit data at the same time, Bluetooth 4.1 will automatically coordinate the transmission information of both, thereby reducing the interference of other signals to itself and ensuring the transmission rate.

Backward compatibility, no need to change chips: 4.1 not only can be backward compatible 4.0, more importantly, for the existing 4.0 device, do not need to replace the chip, only need to upgrade the firmware can be upgraded to Bluetooth 4.1 free of charge.

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