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Analysis of the advantages of human body induction voice prompter!

- Apr 11, 2018 -

With the continuous development and upgrading of modern technology, various high and new technologies have been applied to more and more fields. Among them, the human body sensing technology has been applied more, and the human body sensing voice prompter is one of the representative high-tech technologies. product. Its stable performance does not say, but also from a true sense to achieve environmental protection and energy conservation, then the work of the product is clear to everyone? The following Xiaobian to introduce everyone to the domestic professional body induction voice prompter.

First, the technology is mature (use more stable)

The body-sensing voice prompter utilizes a relatively mature technology. This is a new technology that uses the pyroelectricity and infrared principle to sense human body temperature change information. As long as someone enters the sensing range of a product, it can be accurately identified and detected. In this case, human activity information is sensed.

Second, automatic identification (reduce the influence of human factors)

It is precisely because the human-sensing voice prompter uses new technologies such as infrared and pyroelectricity to automatically and accurately identify and detect. At the same time, it does not depend on light at all, even in a dark environment, it is also Can work very intelligently.

Third, sensitive (can be used for high specifications)

Specializing in the production of human body induction voice prompter factory introduction, it uses the human body induction triggering way, the induction is very sensitive, not only the voice prompt loud and clear, but also has a large sensing range and voice replacement and other functions. There is no need for manual operation at work, whether it is welcome or daily reminder, it is perfectly applicable, even for alarms.

Fourth, a wide range of applications (relatively more extensive peripheral functions)

The human body sensing voice prompter can load different music according to different application occasions, so as to achieve the effect of automatically playing music when someone or an object passes through. Not only that, the human body sensor voice prompter also has a built-in human voice mode, and when switched to this mode, the human voice can be automatically played.

The above introduction to the working principle of the human body induction voice prompter is clear to everyone? It can be seen from the principle of the human body sensor that it plays an increasingly important role in the fields of science and technology, daily life, and industrial and agricultural production. As a result, people's demand for this product is also getting higher and higher, and the ever-increasing demand has also become a powerful driving force for the continuous development of human sensing technology.

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